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booxi minor software update [eu/ru-2021-07-07] from 2021-07-07 12:00 EST to 2021-07-07 12:30 EST

Scheduled maintenance booxi Europe - Software updates
2021-07-07 12:00 EST · 30 minutes



Dear clients,

An upcoming booxi software update will contain the following items :

  • Improvements related to the support of Cyrillic characters in book now, and for isolated use case of the online booking survey.
  • CSV Report update to include new columns (“store_postal_code” and “store_country”).
  • We have also increased the survey size to 16K character, in translations as well.
  • The Sendgrid connector now supports sending confirmation for group reservations.

Best regards,

-booxi support team

July 6, 2021 · 17:18 EST

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