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Booxi minor software update [US-EU/2024-03-13] from 2024-03-13 09:40 EDT to 2024-03-13 18:00 EDT

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2024-03-13 09:40 EDT · 8 hours, 19 minutes



Dear clients,

An upcoming Booxi software update will be performed without service interruption and will contain the following improvements:

In the Booxi API:

  • We have released a new API endpoint GET /staff/list to retrieve staff records from an externalId and moduleId.

In the Booking Widget (v3):

  • We have further improved our ADA compliance.

In the Back Office:

  • We have fixed an issue where restricted staff could drag and drop time slots in their calendar even though such actions are prohibited for that level of access.

In the Backend, and the Back Office:

  • We have released a new feature to obfuscate/mask client information in the Back Office. This feature can be found under a merchant’s booking rules.

In the Backend, the Back Office, the Head Office and the Booking Widget:

  • Merchants can now opt to show or hide the number of remaining places for group events. This feature can be activated/deactivated at the service level. Additionally, it can be set and applied to services at scale with the Head Office.
  • We have made improvements to the Japanese translations across all Booxi’s products.

This software update won’t affect your operations.


Booxi support team

March 13, 2024 · 09:40 EDT

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