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Booxi minor software update [EU/2023-9-6] from 2023-09-06 09:00 EDT to 2023-09-06 18:00 EDT

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2023-09-06 09:00 EDT · 9 hours



Dear clients,

An upcoming Booxi software update will be performed without service interruption and will contain the following improvements:

In the Back End:

  • We have fixed an issue appearing in the confirmation email and tracking page for bookings made in the Africa/Cairo time zone where the booking time was one hour earlier than the actual booking time.

In the Booxi API:

  • The endpoint GET /client now supports searching for client records using their contact information (name, address, phone number).

As a reminder, the following features were released last month:

In the Head Office and Back Office:

  • Pushing template services from the Head Office no longer overwrite services created by the merchant.
  • In the Back Office, a “lock” icon will be displayed on service category only if categories were created in the Head Office and if the option “Store Can Edit” has been turned off.
  • In the Back Office, we’ve made corrections to the way a staff weekly working hours were calculated.
  • In the Head Office, a salesforce ID can now be assigned to a service template. Service updates performed from the Head Office will push any Salesforce ID to selected stores.


  • In the business directory, we have fixed an issue preventing users from selecting a merchant in the search results.

In the Booxi API:

  • The endpoint POST /Booking now supports creating a booking using an existing client ID.
  • The endpoint PUT /Booking now supports changing a booking’s status to additional values such as “Approved”, “Completed”, “NoShow” and “Client Arrived”.

This software update won’t affect your operations.


Booxi support team

September 6, 2023 · 08:52 EDT

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